INNER COURSE is a collaboration between Rya Kleinpeter and Tora López that explores empathic human exchanges. The installations incite audience participation in systems of play, melodrama, humor, and psychodramatic inquiry. They commonly work with guest performers outside the art community including: doctors, psychics, lawyers, self-help gurus, conspiracy theorists, breatharians, children and opera singers.

They have held exhibitions at The Museum Of Old And New Art (Tasmania, AU), The Bunker Artspace (FL), Smack Mellon (NYC), Alaska Projects (Sydney, AU), Signs and Symbols (NYC), Honey Space (NYC), Whitney Houston Biennial (NYC), Pulse Art Fair (NYC), Life Is Art Foundation (New Orleans, LA), among others.


Rya and Tora met in 1997, while working at a Palestinian restaurant in San Francisco. They first performed as INNER COURSE in 2011, at the Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, AU, and they have worked together ever since.

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